​E-see is on the move.

David Vaassen - Wednesday, July 26, 2017

E-see is on the move.

First some context

Established in 1997 in Wellington,  E-see has seen a lot of change in the marketplace and in particular changes to branding and marketing practices.

Recognising these changes is always a challenge, especially for established companies, who are often disrupted by new startups who challenge the status quo.

The rise of Social Media and Content Marketing in particular has moved the needle significantly in what Marketing Teams have to deal with on a daily basis. Indeed 2017 is very different environment to 1997.

E-see management recognising this change made a decision to disrupt itself and go back into startup mode. Our CEO, David Vaassen (that's me), joined the Startup Programme at Massey University's eCentre to explore how we might approach the changes necessary to prosper in this new environment. 

This includes recognising who our market is, rethinking what problems we solve for customers, what solution we deliver and how we organise and motivate our people.

So things are changing. 


Brandkit™ is the new BrandFM

Our new generation Brand Asset Management platform has been launched (in 2016).

It replaces BrandFM and focusses on managing the much larger collections of visual assets required  by today's marketing teams.

We've been migrating exisiting BrandFM customers to Brandkit for the last few months. Once complete BrandFM will be retired.

Learn more at Brandkit.io

Moving to a modern work environment

The company joins other tech and creative startups, moving to a brand new tech co-working space in Takapuna on 1st August operated by BizDojo. As part of this change we're also embracing remote work and the technology to make that possible.

You may have noticed that we're doing more video conferencing and online video demo's and meetings. This is having a significant impact on (a) non-productive travel time and (b) our carbon footprint and (c) our ability to attract hard to find staff/talent/skills.


New Address for deliveries or if you are visiting:

Level 3, 33-45 Hurtsmere Road, Takapuna, Auckland 0622.

New Address for postal mail:
(we prefer everything by email)

38 King Edward Parade, Devonport, Auckland 0624. 

No phone or email changes

+64 9 446 6225
0800 300 373 (NZ only)





One door closes, another opens.

We've loved being in Devonport for the last 5 years or so. Most of our team live here. Takapuna is just up the road - so it's an easy commute. But we're really looking forward to working alongside a whole lot of like minded folk working on other problems.

It's exciting times for us and we're keen to get cracking from the new digs.

Pop in some time - we'd love to see you.


Happy Branding :)

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