NEW in Brandkit - Artificial Intelligence

David Vaassen - Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Now available in Brandkit - automatic tagging of images using AI driven image recognition and scene detection.

Using the Amazon Rekognition service  (utilising AI, Deep Learning or Machine Learning), we're now able to inspect Images as they are uploaded, detect known objects and create and apply appropriate Tags to your assets - automatically.

It feels like of magic.

This new capability augments what we already do with logic based Tags, such as the Orientation tag based on image dimensions (e.g. #Landscape or #Portrait) and Tags entered by human operators.

It's Optional

New Brandkit accounts have AI driven auto-tagging turned on by default. Exisiting accounts can have it turned on (or off) for them by Brandkit support.

Accuracy ?

It's relatively early days for AI driven tagging and  not all results are what you expect - so for now we've tuned the service to only apply AI derived tags with an 80% confidence level.

This means only Tags that Amazon Rekognition has 80% confidence in the Tag's accuracy, will be accepted (all others will be rejected).

This accuracy setting can be adjusted for each account.

For example an account that wanted to do minimal human tagging, and rely more heavily on AI based tags for search, or just wanted quick wins when uploading images, can have the accuracy turned down to say 70% confidence. This will provide more search options but might add tags that some brands might feel are inappropriate to display next to assets.

Undoubtedly, accuracy will improve over time.

Tag Blacklist

Occasionally you might get a Tag added that you don't want to use. You can simply delete the Tag. However deleting the Tag won't help, if you run the auto-tagging process again. In which case the AI derived Tag will be added back.

So to help with this situation, we created a Tag Blacklist - so that you can effectively prevent certain Tags from being used.

Once a certain Tag is created, you can add it to the Tag Blacklist.

While the blacklisted Tag will still be applied to the asset(s), it will prevent the Tag from being  shown or found in search.

Note: Blacklisting will prevent the Tag from being used whether it is added by AI, Logic or a Human.


Your own Visual Search Engine

One of the ways to think about this and take advantage of AI Tagging - is to think the way a Search Engine would.

While most of us will have our human team Tag our assets - sometimes it's a lot of work, and we don't always consider all the possibilities or necessarily empathise with how others might search. 

Search Engines want to deliver a result that is relevant to the User.

So perhaps a Tag added by AI, that you wouldn't normally consider adding, is going to help a user somewhere, sometime to find what they are looking for.

That's worth considering.

AI Auto Tagging is ready to go now. We've been testing for a little while and we're reasonably happy with the results at the 80% confidence setting (default). Please contact us if you'd like AI Auto Tagging turned on (or off) for your account.

Happy Branding :)

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