A dead simple custom branded single page web app for sharing your Brand Guidelines and Logo Artwork,

Created for you, powered by Brandkit.

Here's an example for Southern Cross Health Society.

We build each Brandpage™ for you using the Brandkit™ platform.

You just send us your logo files and brand guidelines document (usually created for you by your designer).

We'll then prepare and upload your artwork assets, setup your Brandpage, configure custom branding and publish the page - all for a single setup fee. There is no ongoing subscription. All you need to do is send users to your page and they can self-serve their needs and get immediate access.

It couldn't be simpler.

We can work directly with your internal marketing team or with your external creative partners, no problem at all - we love collaborating.

Simple Pricing. $999 once!
Free lifetime hosting :)

What you get for

one time fee*


  • 1 Brand
  • Self Service Public Web Portal
  • Secure Brandkit url e.g.
  • Downloadable Brand Guidelines
  • Downloadable Logo Artwork
  • Brand Guidelines automatically attached to Downloads
  • Automatic Terms and Licencing acceptance
  • Usage Tracking and Reporting
  • FAQs
  • Free Hosting for life of the Brand
  • Free phone and email support

* Hosting is free of charge for the life of the Brand. There is no monthly or annual subscription fee for Brandpage™. Later, if you want to make changes to your Brandpage, after it is approved by you and published, a service fee of $100/hr is charged with a minimum of charge of 1 hour. You can also upgrade to a Brandkit subscription service (which enables many other features, including self-service publishing), at anytime, without losing anything.

* All prices are in US$ and exclude any applicable GST/VAT or Tax.

Brandpage™ is aimed at smaller brands with simple needs, who just want to provide simple hassle free access to logo artwork and their brand usage guidelines/standards, or style guide.

If you need something more sophisticated or want to actively manage your brand assets and other marketing content such as images and video - check out Brandkit proper.

How it works

1 Send us your Logos and Guidelines

Send us your files via Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc or ask your Designer to send us the files. Send them to

2 We setup your Brandpage™

We'll setup your Brandpage, prepare and upload your Guidelines and Logo Assets.

3 Send your users to your Brandpage™

Next time one your staff, partners, suppliers, customers need your logo, want to know your brand colors, etc, just send them to your Brandpage URL. Job done.