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Places to Visit, Meet, Live, Work, Learn & Invest

Our customers use Brandkit to share their brand stories, through strong visual content. Promoting their destination as a place, to visit, to meet up, to live, to work, to study, or to invest - or all of these.

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Your new global media library

For each customer, we create a bespoke branded self-service web portal where your staff, partners and the global media can access your approved media files.

Powered by our powerful yet easy to use brand centric digital asset management software and supported by our professional services team, you'll get exactly what you need to distribute your brand resources and achieve global success.

Manage it all in one place

You've got images, videos and graphics all over the place! It's time you brought it all together in an easily accessible, always on, visual library.

We'll give you a single centralized home for all your digital assets and marketing content.

Then we make it easier than ever for you and your team to upload, tag, organise, manage, find, approve, download and securely share your assets, while keeping track of usage and licensing.

Our professional services team can also help you source fresh content, liaise with content creators & assist with tagging and ingesting, to help you satisfy the ever increasing demand for content.

Designed for Destination Marketing

It's often the little things that make the experience better for everyone.

Example: Tourism New Zealand's Visual Library - powered by Brandkit.

Here's one little feature - we've made location a key metadata field, making it easy to use map based search and browse features. Helping your international users find what they need quick smart.

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User Generated Content (UGC)

Bring authentic User Generated Content from social media channels into your Visual Library

Customers today (especially Millennials) want to see authentic visual stories. One of the best ways to deliver that, is by utilising the visual content created by your customers or visitors.

We all prefer to see and read about authentic experiences.

Find content and engage with Social Media Accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc) on each native platform. Then request permission to use, using our UCG tools. Repost in your Instagram account and import with our Instagram integration.

Helping you curate and organise a continuous stream of fresh new authentic content with a lot less effort.

Visual Stories (VS)

Deploy embeddable visual stories on websites, landing pages and screens

We've integrated with to deliver embeddable galleries that pulls fresh visual content dynamically from your Visual Library and displays it in a beautiful visual grid.

Choose from a grid of User Generated Content (UGC) only, A mix of UGC and owned Visual Library Assets, or Visual Library Assets only, based on Brandkit Tags, Social Hashtags, Geolocation and more.

Visitors to your sites and landing pages can admire your visual story, and click through to the source of the image (the social post in the case of UGC content and the Asset Detail page in the case of Visual Library content).

You stay in control of your own style, layout and calls-to-action.


"Our new brand tool gives us complete control over the distribution of our resources, while keeping the process simple and efficient for both our team at Scenic and our trade and media partners. With low maintenance requirements and a user-friendly admin processes for management, the system has been easy to manage and cost efficient."

Phoebe Lang,
ex Marketing Co-ordinator,
The Great Journeys of New Zealand

"I so love Brandkit. We switched to Brandkit from the old frustrating system and the transition was a breeze. It's fast and simple to use, due largely to clever design. The images in our public portal look stunning and users are able to navigate the interface with ease, making my job a whole lot easier."

Lynette Dey,
International Marketing Coordinator,
Destination Coromandel

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