In App Purchases

Upgrade your account with more room, more users and premium features.


Upgrade Users and Capacity


You can add additional Admin and Contributor users to suit. Combine with Custom User roles for granular control of who can do what.

Upgrade to:

  • 5 Admins/Contributors for an extra $100/mth*
  • 20 Admins/Contributors for an extra $200/mth
  • More than 20 Admins/Contributors we'll quote.


You can add additional Gigabytes or Terrabytes of capacity, which includes storage and a matching traffic allowance each month.

Upgrade to:

  • 100 GB for an extra $100/mth*
  • 1 TB for an extra $750/mth
  • More than 1 TB we'll quote.

* These upgrades are already included in the Pro plan. All prices in USD and exclude and GST/VAT/Tax applicable.


Add Premium Features (Bells and Whistles)


Ability to Upload, Resize and Preview videos.

$50/mth (Included in Pro plan)

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Multiple Brands*

Ability to add multiple brands, each with optional brand page and brand guidelines.

$50/mth (Included in Pro plan)

Vanity URL

Custom branded URL for your Brandkit with HTTPS, e.g.



Announce new Content Iniatives with a Blog post automatically linked to related content, to drive content uptake.


Single Sign On^

Single Sign-on with online service credentials, Google, Facebook and Microsoft Online (Outlook/Office365).


NPS Feedback

Ask user for a Net Promoter Score after download and then again after a configurable number of days (default 30 days).


Multiple Baskets

Ability to work with multiple selections at the same time.


Coming Soon

Advanced Reporting

Enable Advanced Reporting for Admin's with Brand Insights and Benchmarking.


Coming Soon

Asset Proposals (NEW)

Get new content ideas and requests for new assets or variations (e.g. localisation of collateral) of exisiting assets from your users.


* These Premium Features are already included in the Pro plan. All prices in USD and exclude and GST/VAT/Tax applicable.

^ Custom configured Single Sign on using corporate login systems, such as Azure Active Directory or other online enabled corporate authentication services(e.g. Okta) are not included - contact us for pricing.


Making Brandkit unique to your Brand

~ Bundles ~

Basic Portal Design Bundle

Customised Design Project to match your brand identity and style. Includes Custom Navigation, Portal Branding, Custom User Roles, Custom Asset Licences, Home Page Hero Image Carousel Widget, Tile Search Widget and Custom Search Filters.

$500 setup fee.

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Advanced Portal Design Bundle

With Advanced Customisation we typically work with your design team or creative agency to come up with a beautiful on-brand user experience for your Brandkit users that matches your unique brand identity and way of doing things. We make Brandkit your own.

Typically an overarching graphic design is developed, approved by you and then coded by us on the Brandkit platform. We can include custom pages, landing pages, navigation, a visual asset blog, and much more.

Price on Application.

~ Individual Customisations ~

Custom Image Conversions

Custom image conversion paramaters configured for on-the-fly Image Conversions.

$50 setup fee.

Custom User Roles

Custom User Roles configured to suit your business processes and users.

$50 setup fee.

Custom Asset Licences

Custom Asset Licences configured to suit your business processes and users.

$50 setup fee.

HTML Guidelines

Your Brand Guidelines/Style Guides converted to HTML (e.g. from supplied Brand Guidelines PDF) enabling interactivity and real-time updates.

$100/page setup fee

Hero Carousel Search widget

Hero image Carousel with embedded Search on portal page. 1 to 5 hero images cropped to 3x1 format.

$100 setup fee

Tile Search widget

Custom Image Tile category or tag search on portal page.

$100 setup fee.

Interactive Map Search widget

Display an SVG map with interactive region search by clicking on a map region or named region.

$500 setup fee.

Custom Pages

Creation of new custom pages and appropriate navigation.

From $250/page setup fee.

Custom Navigation

Customise your Brandkit's Nav bars including Upper Nav, Main Nav, Sub nav and Footer.

From $250 setup fee.

Custom Search Filters

Custom search filters based on any set of Tags you want.

$100 setup fee.

Latest News widget

Display latest post excerpts from Blog on portal page.

$100 setup fee.

Upload Widget

Allow Portal Users to submit/upload content for Admins to review and publish.

$100 setup fee.

All prices in USD and exclude and GST/VAT/Tax applicable.

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