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Our Manifesto for Branding

What drives us

We all need to communicate, in order to make friends, or enemies, fall in love, fall out of love, sell something, buy something, travel, understand, influence others, do everyday things and to live a fulfilling life.

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.

So we need to hold communication close to our heart, to ensure that we make communication an important daily ritual. To ensure that we are pro-active, that we listen actively and respond with due care and thought and in a timely manner.

We've used story telling through the ages to pass on knowledge, culture, love, fear, understanding, purpose, history.

We cannot create a world we cannot imagine and stories are the engines of our imaginations.

We discovered that stories with songs and images were more memorable.

These "pictures" improved our ability to communicate ideas.

Some one coined a phrase that captures that idea perfectly.

A picture is worth a thousand words

We found out that our own story, where we come from, why we're here, what we did in the past, our reputation made a difference to how we communicated and how others responded.

We created brands as a better way to communicate all that. Something that humans could rely on as short-cuts to reputation and trust.

So we coined a phrase...

A brand is worth a thousand pictures

Remembering that it takes a thousand pictures (stories, experiences, people, ideas and words) to create a brand in the first place.

Today, some folks claim brands can't be trusted anymore, that brands are bad. That due to the amount of information freely available to everyone, brands are no longer needed to help us decide what to buy or who to trust.

We disagree.

In fact we believe that it is because of this abundance of information and content that we need brands, that we trust, more than ever to make sense of it all.

Brands are good

Provided that the people behind the brands behave, and communicate honestly.

However, Brands are under enormous pressure to develop, beg, steal, borrow and share a flood of content, just to get attention.

Unfortunately the result of all this pressure to communicate as frequently as possible, is that we are all now inundated with Junk Content.

Don't do Junk Content

There's too much noise. It's getting harder to see the wood from the trees.

Instead brands, while still having to develop and communicate frequently, have to remember what the brand is all about (the Why), to remember how they are relevant to their audience, and to ensure they curate their content carefully for relevance and appropriateness to the brand story.

Start with Why

Why do we exist. Why us. Why should you listen.

Pull back a little, exercise some restraint and...

Curate with Purpose

Branding and good brand management practice can save the world from junk content (and junk products).

In fact at the very core of a brand is reputation and reputation is the way we all filter good product from bad. Good content from bad content. Real news from Fake news. Truth from Fiction. Trustworthy from no trust at all.

It's up to brand managers to ensure they respect their brand story, communicate well and honestly. To keep the faith ... and the ongoing respect of their audience.

Respect the brand

If you're doing all that, relax, you're in branding, you're doing good work and the world needs you.

Brand happy :)

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