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Brandkit: is friendly flexible online digital asset management software, that enables your marketing team, to organize and centralize resources, improve productivity, create and share better visual stories, in order to build a stronger brand.

Your new global image library

For each customer, we create a bespoke branded self-service web portal where your staff, partners and the global media can access your approved product images and media files.

Powered by our easy to use brand centric digital asset management software and supported by our professional services team, you'll get exactly what you need to distribute your brand resources and achieve global success.

Manage it all in one place

You've got images, videos and graphics all over the place! It's time you brought it all together in one central easily accessible, always on, asset library.

We'll give you a single centralized home for all your digital assets, images and marketing content.

Then we make it easier than ever for you and your team to upload, tag, organise, manage, find, approve, download and securely share your assets, while keeping track of usage and licensing.

Our professional services team can also help you source fresh content, liaise with content creators & assist with tagging and ingesting, to help you satisfy the ever increasing demand for content.

Perfect for Products

It's often the little things that make the experience better for everyone.

Example: Tourism New Zealand's Visual Library - powered by Brandkit.

Here's one little feature - because we can fully customise your web portal, we can link images, graphics and hot spots to pre-configured tag based searches, enabling you to offer your users compelling and creative pathways  to assets that you wish to promote. Helping your international users find what they need quick smart.

For example: Show me all the images for products with Mango as an ingredient.

Here's another. Do you need special sized images for GS1 Planograms, Ecommerce sites, etc? Rather than having to manually resize these images in Photoshop, Brandkit's On-the-fly Conversion feature, can be configured to auto-generate these for you when you download.

So now you can download your images at the size you need them, every time.

A fantastic time saver.

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Product Information Management (PIM)

Keep all your product data together.

Example: Download form for a product image with attached product information sheet

Not only can you organise and quickly find product images and other rich media files, but you can also include your product data sheets, products specs, ingredient lists, usage instructions and any other related information.

For example: You can attach a Product Spec PDF file to a Pack Shot (with our Attachments feature), so that when you (or your users) find and download the product image file, you can also elect to download the spec sheet at the same time. It's simple and intuitive.

Or save the image and spec sheet, as two separate searchable Assets and link them through a common tag, or link them with an Asset Relationship.

It's now easier than ever before to manage and share your products.


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Brandkit Price Match Guarantee

If you're quoted a lower price for identical features, product and service, let us know.
We'll gladly match it.

"Our new brand tool gives us complete control over the distribution of our resources, while keeping the process simple and efficient for both our team at Scenic and our trade and media partners. With low maintenance requirements and a user-friendly admin processes for management, the system has been easy to manage and cost efficient."

Phoebe Lang, Marketing Co-ordinator,
Kiwi Rail/Great Journeys of New Zealand

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