Why DAM?

A look at why modern brands and marketing teams should be using a DAM (digital asset management software).

We need more a lot more visually rich digital content (aka Digital Assets) to do marketing today

The way it used to be

3 principal channels (2 of them without rich visual media).

The way it is today

A proliferation of rich media channels and increased competition for attention.

We have a lot more content these days

The way it used to be

A few logos, graphics and photos.


Not so much

The way it is today

Drowning in a sea of digital images, graphics, gifs, pack shots, packaging designs, presentations, infographics, videos and more.


A Tsunami of content.

Everybody is generating digital content

The way it used to be

Commercial content was created by just a few Professionals.


A few professional creators.

The way it is today

Commercially usable (think authentic social) content produced by almost everyone.

Everyone is a creator

Everyone is a creator.

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Statistics above last updated 18 Sep 2023