Custom Design

The Brandkit team, will setup a design project, and typically apply your corporate style and branding (based on your primary corporate website), or alternatively a design provided by your design team, or agency. Or DIY with direct access to our built-in CMS, Portal site builder and CSS design themes (depending on Plan).


A montage of example Brand Portals with different designs and layouts

Default Design

Demo Brand Portal with no customisation

An example of the Default Design, aka no customization, for our demonstration account.

The Brandkit logo sticks around (similar to branding a social media account). Your content does the talking.

The standard layout includes (1) Standard Nav bar, (2) Welcome paragraph, (3) Albums widget, (4) Search grid widget including Searchbox, filters and results grid (with 3 display options), and (5) standard Footer with terms, privacy and cookies links and copyright statement.

Example Custom Design

customised portal screen shot

An example of a Custom Design, for Visit Wales.

Brandkit will set up a design project and collaborate with you to design the ultimate Brand Portal for you.

This might involve new custom pages, and custom templates for standard system pages, language variations, content visibility depending on users role, incorporate your fonts, icons and other system wide elements, SEO, configuration of advanced features, custom integrations and much more.

Customisation can include:

  • Project management, Configuration, Design, and/or Coding time
  • Custom pages, widgets, etc
  • Branding, Brand colours, Web Fonts
  • Custom domain name setup and configuration
  • Multi-portal setup
  • Multi-lingual, multi-locale setup
  • Enterprise SSL setup
  • Responsive layouts with Desktop and Mobile versions

Our onboarding fee covers: project management, setup and configuration of your account, coding a unique design Theme file (css, colours, fonts, etc), coding of your Brand Portal designs and layouts, creation of custom pages (if any), and provision of training and orientation for your Admins.

For complex design requirements we may quote an additional fee, once you've presented your design requirements.

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Custom Domain

A custom domain or URL (e.g. for your Brandkit is available, depending on your plan.

You can choose any sub-domain of your primary domain name (e.g., or use a primary domain (e.g., and setup a CNAME in your DNS record to point the subdomain or primary domain to your Brandkit account.

Three screenshots showing domain name options.

Here's a list of things and widgets that can be customised

That's the bare essentials

Those are just some of the elements that can be customised, tweaked, configured, but of course there are loads of ways your Brand Portal can be configured to meet your requirements and brand aesthetic.

Here are some links to live examples:
(Example of a Multi-lingual account)
(example of a Private account)

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