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An Upload page, in your Brand Portal, allows trusted users to securely contribute high resolution images, video and the like. Receive content from your community, stakeholders and partners. Run Photo Contests, collect UGC, enable staff uploads, and more with a customisable Upload page.

Image of a thank you page after a Public Upload

How it works

(1) Users navigate to the Upload page in the Brand Portal

The Upload page is only available in the Brand Portal whether the account is Private (invitation only) or Publicly accessible, if the Public Upload option is turned on in your account configuration.

Screenshot of Public Upload page

(2) Pick Files.

You can upload one or more files from your device, an integrated online storage service, from a URL and even directly from your smartphone camera.

Screenshot of Public Upload Modal

(3) User completes the metadata form, accepts terms and submits.

Most form fields are optional. The Licence field and acceptance of terms are mandatory, and the account owner sets the Licence and Terms, so is in control of what usage rights you get with contributed content.

Screenshot of Public Upload Metadata form

(4) Users are shown a Confirmation and Thank you page.

Once an upload has been submitted a Thank you page is shown listing the files uploaded and the submitted metadata. In addition an email is sent to the contributor to acknowledge the upload.

Screenshot of Public Upload confirmation page

(5) Admins are notified

Admins are notified (by email and To Dos) and the uploaded files appear in the Asset Library as new Unapproved Assets. Admins then curate the uploads, deciding which are acceptable and which are not. Admins can edit metadata, read comments, approve or delete at their discretion.

Screenshot of Public Upload notification email to Admins

(6) Submitted files are saved.

Submitted files are saved to the Asset library as an Unapproved Asset, with metadata provided by the contributor in the upload form they completed.

Screenshot of an Asset seach results grid showing the two uploaded assets as unapproved

(7) Admins can then edit and approve

Once uploaded files are saved as Assets, account Admins can edit, classify, tag and approve to publish to their Portal(s) for distribution, or reject and delete.

Screenshot of an Asset detail page for a Public Uploaded Asset

Next up: Interactive Map Search

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