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Brandkit: is highly configurable online digital asset management software as a service, that enables you to design a centralised brand and marketing resource library for your clients. From DAM specialists who get brands and know Digital Asset Management inside out.

White Labelled Global Brand Library

Brandkit is a white labelled brand centric DAM system,
ready to accept your creative.

Not only is the interface white labelled but the whole user experience is configurable.

So you get to use your intimate knowledge of the clients needs to create a useful resource for the brand, and a truely on-brand experience for users.

Working with you, your design and creative team, for each customer we create a bespoke branded self-service web portal where your staff, your client, their partners and the global media can access approved brand and media files.

Powered by our powerful yet easy to use brand centric digital asset management software and supported by our professional services team, you'll get exactly what you need to organise, collaborate and deploy brand resources ...and look good doing it.

View some example Brandkit powered sites

TNZ Visual Library (in collaboration with Touchcast)

Auckand Asset Library (in collaboration with Touchcast)

Education NZ Brand Lab (in collaboration with Clemenger)

NZ Story Business Toolkit (in collaboration with Touchcast)

The Waikato Story (in collaboration with Principals)

Creative Work Generation Engine

Brandkit includes an Asset Proposal workflow that drives new content creation work, for Agencies.

Designed for Agencies and Creatives, this workflow can be used by Portal Users to request variations, localisations, versions of existing master assets, and to order new original content.

A customisable form and approval process, automated emails and more enable you to setup your client's brand kit, to become a work generation engine for your agency.

Then, newly created content is published back into the brand kit for distribution to the requesting user.

This centralises and simplifies content aquisition for the Brand's channel partners around the globe, and helps you ensure that the client's Brand and Marketing resources are created just right, and remain on-brand.

An Example: A Hong Kong Regional Distributor ordering Chinese Language versions of master campaign resources for this years Mothers Day promotions.

Agency Collaboration

We collaborate with Agencies on design and configuration.

From Agency Concept/Design... Production Reality

Shown is an example of a real project created with digital agency, Touchcast, a member of the Clemenger Group and BBDO Worldwide .

Brandkit is made up of two core interfaces, a DAM Platform AND Web Portal.

The DAM Platform is modern and robust with established functionality, documentation and support. This is fixed, it's where all the technical backend stuff happens - you don't need to worry about configuring this side of things.

The web portal is what Users will see and is pretty much fully customisable. It's HTML5, CSS, Angular JS and uses Bootstrap layout framework. Toss in custom pages, Brandkit smart tags, custom css, custom js, and we can do most things you want.

Just supply your design files (PSD, PDF, Indesign, Invision prototype, etc) or even the proverbial napkin sketch and we'll make it happen.

We can even supply an outsourced Virtual Digital Librarian to assist with content ingestion and tagging if you (or your client) needs help with managing or curating content.

Agency Pricing

We don't discount the monthly or annual subscriptions for Agencies.

Instead Agencies typically manage and bill for Project Management and Design Services getting things set-up.

We work closely with Agencies typically participating at the scoping stage.

The Agency has the client relationship, does any research and develops the use cases and requirements for the client, develops graphic design elements and acts as Project Manager.

Brandkit staff, then encode and configure the provided design and supports the system and users going forward.

We invoice the Agency for setup and either the Agency (or at your request the Client) for the ongoing monthly (or annual) subscription, which covers software licences, storage, traffic and support.

Please consider us a specialist partner.

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No call centres, just experienced knowledgeable people. We won't bite :)


Call: +64 9 446 6225