Why DAM ?

A look at why modern brands and marketing teams should be using a DAM (digital asset management software/service).

We need a lot more visually rich digital content (aka Digital Assets) to do marketing today.

The way it used to be

3 principal channels (2 of them without rich visual media).

The way it is today

A proliferation of rich media channels and increased competition for attention.

We have a lot more content to manage than we ever had before.

The way it used to be

A few logos, graphics and photos.

Not so much

The way it is today

Drowning in a sea of digital images, graphics, gifs, pack shots, packaging designs, presentations, infographics, videos and more.

Literally a flood of digital content.

Everybody is generating digital content these days.

The way it used to be

Commercial content was created by just a few Professionals.

A few professional creators.

The way it is today

Commercially usable (think authentic social) content produced by almost everyone.

Everyone is a creator.

But we're struggling to find assets.

The way it used to be

Just one or two places to get a few assets.

Call the Agency!

The way it is today

An array of assets all over the place & hard to find.

It's taking too long to find and work with assets.
3-6 HOURS per week per Marketer is wasted on searching for creative assets.

Digital Asset Management (DAM) to the rescue

Like many things in modern life we solve these problems and deal with complexity - with software.

DAM software helps Marketers by bringing all your digital assets together in one place, making it easy and fast to find assets, deploy them into the market, speeding up time to market and general marketing cadence. At the same time making it easier to ingest, organise and approve content from many creators.

It's essential infrastructure for modern marketing teams.

Leave the digital asset chaos behind.

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