Rise of the 6 second video

David Vaassen - Monday, September 11, 2017

Is 6 seconds the new ideal length of video ads?


Example 6 Sec Ad from YouTube for UPS


Facebook is working with some of its advertisers to develop video ads as short as 6 seconds, Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg said July 26th.

After testing with brand Tropicana, they found that a 6 second video ad the most effective length.

Tropicana compared the results from Facebook ads that were 6, 15 and 30 seconds long. The shortest saw "higher brand metrics across the board," Sandberg said.

If you think about it this makes sense for ads and social, as we're all bombarded by advertising noise in our feeds, we have less and less patience for the interruption. There's always the opportunity to link the user out to longer form content and I think users will appreciate less time wasted on ads they are just not interested in.

Facebook are not alone. Last year Youtube introduced 6 sec Bumper Ads, which by all accounts are well received and who can forget the much heralded Vine (Now closed) who championed short looping videos.

I just hope they don't think they can squeeze 5 different 6 sec ads into that 30sec slot. That would be rather testing. (Ed)

In June, Fox Networks Group was the first broadcast TV company that has agreed to run six-second ads on its digital and on-demand properties — with plans to “eventually” bring them to linear (traditional broadcast) TV.

Short video clips make a lot of sense.

You can see where the Social networks are coming from. While Digital Ads and Ad revenues have been booming, consumers are not impressed with more and more interruption. 

The push for shorter Ad content may very well be a signal that there's simply too much digital Ad content. This week I was forced to watch 3 consecutive pre-roll video ads when attempting to view a news article - on my phone! (I gave up half way through Ad 3 and never got to the content I wanted to read).

Read Bob Gilbreath's, I’m Calling B.S. on 6-Second Ad “Storytelling” - a great reality check for Marketers.

Something to consider when you're investing in your visual content - starting now.

  • Video is here to stay.
  • Develop an inventory of short 6 sec video clips (and save them to your Brandkit)
  • Edit some of your exisiting video content down to 6 -10 secs.
  • Create new short video clips from scratch.

However, continue to think beyond interruption style advertising (i.e. the 6 sec pre-roll ad), and develop your long form content and content marketing strategies.


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