A home for your 'Brand Story'

It's the place to start, for anyone working with your brand

Before anyone works with your brand they need to get it, understand where you came from, understand the Why.

Brandkit automatically generates a page for each of your brands, where you can include your brand story and your brand guidelines (both online html and a downloadable PDF).

Or go the whole hog and fully customise your Brand page.

Finally your brand story has a home.

All your digital assets in one place

A home for all your digital brand and marketing assets

Brandkit incorporates a fully featured Digtal Asset Management system so you can manage, organise and share ever growing collections of brand and marketing assets.

Brandkit supports all the standard files formats, including photos and image, videos, artwork and graphic files, presentations, Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Cloud native application files.

Fast and easy ingestion

To make assets easy to find, first you have to ingest and organise

Quickly load files into Brandkit so assets are properly organized, tagged and accessible to everyone.

Brandkit makes it easy and fast to upload, tag and organise assets. Upload with drag and drop tools, connectors to existing online storage systems like Dropbox™, Box™ and Google Drive™.

Thumbnails and video snippets are automatically generated upon upload giving you a more visual way to search, preview and find the assets you’re looking for - fast.

See how it works

Automated tagging

Organise easier and faster with automated tagging and batch editing

Brandkit automatically adds some tags for you on ingestion using proprietary logic and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for object and scene detection.

For example: Without any additional work you'll be able to run a search like #Portrait or #Mountain, to find all your Portrait images or images that include a Mountain. Sweet!

Then you can then Edit individual Assets or batch edit whole collections of Assets at once.

Brandkit makes organising and tagging your Assets a breeze.

Find, not search

Predictive search with visual results.

Brandkit doesn’t just let you search, it helps you find the assets you need.

No matter how many assets you have, find what you need in milliseconds. Enter a few search characters and Brandkit will automatically suggest a list of matching keyword tags and display the results. Or ignore the suggestions, keep typing and we'll do a full text search.

Then refine your search with related tags and handy filters.

Self Service Web Portal

Move faster, Save time, Less interuption.

A self service web portal, with custom URL, branding, design and page content.

  • Supports an unlimited number of users with password protected access.
  • Self-service signup or gated invitation only options.
  • Dynamic content - pages, widgets and content shown based on User Role.
  • Portal users can view, download and collaborate.
  • Terms of use and licence acceptance automatically handled.
  • Access requests for restricted use assets.
  • Public or Private Access.
  • Single sign-in with Google, Facebook and Microsoft authentication.

No more file fetching.

Focus on important work, without interruption.

Simple and advanced sharing options

Share a link to a self-service web portal: http://demo.brandkit.io

Share a link to a Tagged collection: http://demo.brandkit.io/assets?tags=Happy,Boy

Share a link to an Asset page: http://demo.brandkit.io/asset/127123

Share a shortened link to an Asset proxy: http://demo.brandkit.io/a/127123

Share a selection to collaborate on: Shared View

Send a Private Link to Download the original file: Private Link

Brand Identity

Logos, Brand Graphics, Icons, Fonts and Brand Guidelines.

While Brandkit is designed as the home for all your brand's digital assets, your brand identity assets are some of the most important.

Brandkit supports native Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, EPS and PDF files amongst a host of others.

Then wraps those Assets in Brand Guidelines by giving each brand a dedicated Brand Page (optional) and automatically attaching Brand Guidelines to any download of the Brand.

No more excuses like "I didn't have a copy of the Guidelines to check usage against."


We'll help keep you on brand.


Image Library

Powerful Image Management tools

Upload high or lower resolution images and we'll not only generate web ready thumbnails, apply your Watermark and extract meta-data, but also we'll use AI to detect objects and scenes and automatically Tag your images.

We automatically provide image conversions to smaller sizes with pre-configured presets for your account.

For example a user can download a lower resolution image suitable for a website - all you need to do is upload the original high res. image file.

Brandkit does the rest.


Working with video is now fast and easy

Upload a video asset and we'll auto-generate a playable web preview.

Play videos without having to download (that massive file) first.

Independence for your video, Not reliant on uploading to Youtube or Vimeo.

And you can distribute and download video as easily as images.

Audio, Radio, Music

Hear me now

Upload an Audio file (e.g. wav, mp3, etc) and we'll automaticaly generate a playable version that can be played in the app in real time without having to download.

Ideal for Radio Commercials, owned or licensed music, sound bites and more.

Manage and Share your Audio Assets with your team, distributors, partners, etc - just as easily as you would an Image in Brandkit.

See this Example.

Graphics, Infographics and Illustrations

Full support for vector and raster graphics

Upload a vector graphic files such as Adobe Illustrator files and all your awesome logos, infographics, diagrams, icons and more.

We'll generate web preview images and even automatically convert images into your preferred web ready image sizes.


Brochures, Case Studies, Press Releases, Catalogues and more

Your completed single page or multi-page PDF's are supported with previews generated and with the ability to view inside multi-page PDF's without having to download.


Powerpoint Presentations and Templates

Presentations are often seen as the lingua franca of business. But when your team is widely distributed and includes external partners, vendors, resellers - it's a great thinking to consider your presentations as another brand or visual asset that can and should be used consistently to tell your story.

Brandkit makes it easy to curate approved Presentations (form and content) and Presentation Templates (form without the content) and distribute these widely.

Present with confidence and stay on brand.

Approved Final Final! Final!!

Your single source of truth

Only current, approved and final assets are available in your Brandkit Web Portal.

In addition we'll display Licence information, Usage notes, Expiry dates and more.

So your whole team, from marketing colleagues to external partners will know that every asset available is the most up-to-date, approved version and can be used without delay and without fear.

Automatic Brand Guidelines

Keep everyone on brand

A dedicated Brand page, handling for single or multi-brand accounts, HTML Brand Guides, A Downloadable Brand Guidelines PDF AND automagic delivery of Brand Guidelines whenever you download or send Assets, ensures worry free brand compliance.


no attachments image

Send download links. Not attachments.

no attachments image

Say goodbye to email attachments

No more bulky emails with big attachments that don't get through.

Simply Send download links to anyone directly from your basket. Send them just one file or a selection of assets.

They won't have to register, remember a password or login - to download.

Alternatively, if they are a regular user, set them up with self-service access.

Dynamic Web Images

Update once and have every other place dynamically update too

no attachments image

The beauty of having everything in one place, is that everyone in your team knows where the latest version of the Asset can be found.

But what about visitors to your main website or ecommerce store. Wouldn't it be great to be able to have those images automaticaly update too.

In Brandkit that's exactly what happens with Asset Permalinks. Just use embed the permalink url to the proxy image of any (publicly viewable) Asset in your external websites and any updates (made using Versioning) will automatically update the image everywhere else.

Example: From here to there.

A real time saver.

Works on any device

Built on HTML5 and Bootstrap for modern browsers, the fully responsive design adapts to every device and screen resolution, as expected from today’s mobile-first digital workplace.

And so much more...

Single or multiple brands
Send files without attachments
Share collections for collaboration
Email users with visual updates
Lightbox previews
Self-Service Registration
User Invitations
Saved Baskets/Lightboxes
Automatic Notifications
Configurable Notification Frequency
Admin controlled Notifications
Bulk Metadata Export/Import
Batch Ingestion
Auto-tagging and Metadata
Flexible User Roles
Access Requests
Exemption Requests
Flexible Asset Licenses
Asset Expiry & Release Dates
Related Assets
Play Audio Assets before download.
Asset Approvals
Blog module
Google Analytics Integration
Unlimited Assets
Unlimited Users
Virtual Digital Librarian
Phone and Email Support
Enterprise SLA
Dedicated Account Manager

Happiness :)

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